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Welcome to Great Circle Sails

Hi - I am Brian.  I am the owner of Great Circle Sails. The world of sailmaking has changed since I apprenticed at Elvstrøm Sails in South Africa in the late 70's. Advances in computerized sail design, precision manufacturing and a global marketplace allows smaller sailmakers like Great Circle Sails to compete on an even footing with the Big Brand sailmakers. Where we have the advantage is that we don't have their huge overhead. We can build sails of equal quality for a lot less because we don't run glossy ad's or pay high salaries to "professional" sailors to help win races. Instead we focus on crafting beautiful sails no matter the size of your boat or the depth of your pocket. We also believe that an educated sailor is a better sailor and we provide a wealth of knowledge through our blogs and articles available absolutely free.

We are a member of Certified Independent Sailmakers, or CIS which was born out of a belief that business is there to benefit all who participate, whether a large or a small company and that this can be achieved through doing business with a conscience and with integrity. CIS is a global network of independently owned retail sailmakers who have committed to the CIS Quality Standard, CIS Code of Conduct and the commitment to provide their clients with the best service possible.


CIS Member lofts have access to a worldwide network of technology and resources previously unavailable to independent lofts. This ensures that the customer receives the backing of a global structure through their local loft. Whether cruising or racing, our customers can be assured of a quality sail, fit for the purpose.

Great Circle Sails was featured in an article in Seahorse Magazine, one of the most prestigious sailing magazines in the world. The article describes how small independent lofts can go head-to-head with the Brand Name sailmakers and deliver sails of the highest quality at very reasonable prices.

You can read the article here

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