We appreciate that buying new sails is a big investment not only of your money but your time and effort as well. We want you to be 100% satisfied. We have a lot of satisfied customers and many have offered to take a call or an email from you to discuss their experience buying from Great Circle Sails and the quality and craftsmanship of our sails. Click here and we will send you contact information for these happy customers so you can hear directly from them.

“I needed a new main for my Wylie 68 but got sticker shock from the Brand Name sailmakers. The price to buy from Great Circle Sails was more in line with my budget but I was concerned about buying from a business on the other side of the country. I should not have worried at all. Brian was professional and he made me a sail that I think is at least as good if not better than the Brand names. I could not be happier.” Chuck Hosmer - owner Wylie 68

“I had a relationship for many years with a well known sailmaker; however, that relationship was lost when he retired and his former loft became part of a larger sail making organization. I was somewhat apprehensive as I started a my search for a new sailmaker, but fortunately I contacted Brian at Great Circle Sails and after a couple of exchanges, Brian had put my worries to rest. I have now ordered from Great Circle Sails twice, buying carbon membrane sails for my C&C 115. These sails are as good as any I had seen from other top sailmakers. The quality is outstanding, the fit is perfect, performance is great and best of all Brian gave me exactly what I need for  how and where I sail my boat.” Fred Boyle - owner C&C 115

“I bought a new membrane headsail for my Pacific Seacraft 31 and I am really thrilled with the sail. It has excellent sail shape and quality construction. The speed difference between my new sail and my old North sail is like night and day. Brian was a pleasure to work with and we have become good friends.” Michael Thomson - owner Pacific Seacraft 31

“We race competitively, much of the time with an amateur crew, and as such we demand a lot from our sails. I am happy to say that our Great Circle sails have performed flawlessly despite having been pushed at times a bit beyond their limits. As skipper I could not be happier and will continue using Great Circle Sails.”  Maxime Grimard - Skipper Volvo 60

“I have bought multiple sails from Great Circle Sails for my Schock 55. They were membrane and were of excellent quality. They fit perfectly and enhanced performance significantly. I have encouraged others to buy from Great Circle and they have and they too have been satisfied with the design and quality - say nothing of the price.” Henry Ubik - owner Schock 55



“We formed a strategic partnership with Great Circle Sails in 2016 as our sail supplier and could not be happier. The sails have been excellent especially the attention to detail not only on the sails themselves but the attention to detail that Brian Hancock has given us personally. It has been a pleasure working with Great Circle Sails and we plan to continue.” Gilles Barbot - CEO Atlas Ocean Racing

“I bought some carbon membrane sails for my Hunter 31 a number of years ago and the sails are still in excellent condition. I was impressed with the design, quality and  performance the new sails delivered. I highly recommend Great Circle Sails." John Demers - owner Hunter 31

“I was impressed by the amount of attention to detail that Brian Hancock provided all throughout the process of buying new sails for my Beneteau 42s7. I especially appreciated his input into the design process which I regard as a very important part of the sail purchasing experience. There was a definite performance gain with the new sails.” Russ Whitford - owner Beneteau 42s7

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