It’s our goal to make you a better sailor by educating you about one of the most important aspects of your boat; your sails. Brian Hancock is a noted authority on all aspects of sails, sailmaking and sail technology. He wrote Maximum Sail Power, the definitive book on the subject. Please let us have your name and email address and you will get a pdf copy of Maximum Sail Power as our way of saying thanks. You will also be immediately subscribed to the Maximum Sail Power blog which is an updated version of the book and is presented in blog size chunks.

“The mystery of how to obtain the best performance from your sails has been exposed. This book will be of inestimable value to the learner and experienced sailor alike.”

                                                                                     --- Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

“Brian’s book covers what you need to know . . . He has written a concise book in language we can all understand—you can tell Brian has a passion for the sport and masses of experience to share in both sailing and sailmaking.”

                                                                                        --- Dame Ellen MacArthur

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