You know who you are. Your boat has a little extra “furniture" down below, your crew is not made up of hot-shots but when that start gun fires you are all in. You measure the life of a sail by how long it holds it’s shape and not by how long it holds together. Most of all you want fast, quality sails engineered to win races season after season, and you want them to be affordable.

There are those among us who put winning above everything, both on land and on the water. Your sails are there to win races for you and if you have to replace them to keep on winning that’s a cost you are willing to pay. Our Grand Prix Series sails are manufactured from the very best load bearing yarns and engineered to build the lightest sail possible yet one that still holds it’s shape through a broad wind range.

You have got some offshore racing in your future and you want to be the first to Bermuda, Hawaii, Hobart or wherever your bucket list is taking you. You need sails designed for speed, engineered for durability all at a price that leaves you with money left over to spend on living large once you get to where you are going. If this sounds like you then our Offshore Racing Series is just what you need.

If you are a serious passagemaker and there is no place for compromise in your vocabulary, then you need our Global Series. You are going places where sail repair facilities are nonexistent and you are spending long periods at sea to get there. These sails are high quality, durable, and manufactured with the very best fabrics and engineering details.

Reef point detail

Clew with velcro strap

Mainsail clew detail


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