These sails are ideal for most sailors, those among us who love our boats and enjoy puttering around on them on the weekends. We sail on a regular basis, but we don’t sail hard. If there are storm warnings we stay on the mooring. We want good quality sails that are practical, affordable, easy to handle and east to trim and last for many years.

Some sailors like to venture offshore; not too far offshore and usually for just a day or so. Since you can’t always predict the weather there are times when you may get caught in a bit of breeze. Your sails need to be durable yet easy to manage, definitely easy to trim and most important of all, good quality sails at a fair price.

If there is some distance sailing in your future you need our Bluewater Series. These sails are designed and engineered for those going offshore for a few days, or for a few weeks. Additional stitching, larger patches, anti-chafe protection, Spectra webbing for head and tack webbing loops and Tenara thread are just some of the engineering details incorporated into these affordable, long lasting sails.


If you are a serious passagemaker and there is no place for compromise in your vocabulary, then you need our Global Series. You are going places where sail repair facilities are nonexistent and you are spending long periods at sea to get there. These sails are high quality, durable, and manufactured with the very best fabrics and engineering details.

Leech Line cover

Batten pocket closure

Genoa clew


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